Sunday, February 22, 2009

Identity Theft Protection and Tax Scams

You need to make identity theft protection a number one priority in your life. The fact is that statistic reveal that in any ten year period, you are likely to become the victim of identity theft. In other words, you actually run the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft more than one time during the course of your adult life.

In considering your identity theft protection needs and objectives, you need to make yourself more familiar with some of the different types of identity theft schemes that are being "pulled" in this day and age. For example, one type of identity theft scam that is being used today in many countries around the world involves issues pertaining to tax payments and tax refunds. Simply, an identity thief will contact you through the Internet, by phone and sometimes even in person under the guise of needing to get information from you in regard to your taxes.

In undertaking identity theft protection related to a tax scam online, you need to be on guard for what might appear to be an official looking email regarding your taxes. Oftentimes such an email will indicate that you are due a supplemental income tax refund. But, in order to process the refund, it is necessary that you provide personal and financial information about yourself. In the alternative, the official looking email might contain a link that purports to take you to the website of a taxing authority. Once at this sham site - which will look very official, in fact - you will be asked to input your personal and financial data ... all of which will go directly into the hands of an identity thief.

In the brick and mortar world, when it comes to identity theft protection against a tax related scheme, you need to guard against phone calls allegedly from a tax official. Once again, the pitch is a good deal like what might happen online. For example, you are due a tax refund but personal and financial data is needed in order to process the refund itself. (A similar pitch is made when a thief actually goes door to door working to steal identities using the tax scheme as the pitch.)

In the end, by taking care to develop a comprehensive identity theft protection plan you will be in the best position to protect yourself against becoming the victim of this crime. You will be able to better ensure that you do not have your identity stolen today or at any point in the future.

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