Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is Identity Theft Really That Serious?

By Jim King

If it hasn't touched you yet, you'll probably just brush it off with a laugh. The thing is that identity theft if it does involve you could be very, very serious. Just imagine walking into a store and buying that new music system. You give the salesman your credit card and he comes back apologetically to say he can't give you credit. Or maybe you've just been to an interview for a great new job and you're so sure they loved you and you'll be there next month. Well, you could just get a cold call saying you didn't get the job. It could be worse. Imagine hearing the doorbell ring and a policemen walk in to arrest you.

Does all this sound like it's taken from a movie script and a far-fetched one at that? Well before you brush if off as improbable, ask around and you'll find that the consequences of identity theft can be very bad. So you haven't been hit yet? You lucky thing, you! However, if you don't pay attention, you could be next and you could be going through these scenarios where your credit just isn't good enough. People who steal your identity don't even know who you are, neither do they care. As long as they can do it to anyone, that's all they want.... read more

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