Friday, February 26, 2010

Prevent Identity Theft with these 20 Questions


Can you pass this test? If you can, it means you are doing what you can to prevent identity theft

There are precautions everyone needs to take to prevent identity theft. Following these precautions does not guarantee safety, but they show good steps in the right direction. Take this identity theft quiz and see how you score in the war to prevent identity theft. Count how many times you answer "yes."

1. I protect my wallet or purse. I never leave them unattended.

2. I prevent 'prying eyes' from seeing my PIN number when using my debit card in public.

3. I make sure my home is locked and secure when I leave.

4. I don't give out 'unnecessary' information when filling out forms and applying for job positions.

5. I don't file for warranties or enter contests via postcards. I always put postcards in envelopes so my information is secure.

6. I cross out my credit card number, bank account number, and social security number when turning in receipts for travel expenses or charitable donations.

7. I do not routinely carry my checkbook.

8. I limit the number of credit cards and personal information I carry when leaving the house.

9. I limit entering Internet surveys, questionnaires, and electronic mailing lists.

10. I don't put my driver's license number or social security number on checks.

11. I don't carry my social security card in my wallet or purse.

12. I secure personal information at home so it isn't accessible to workers, house cleaners, babysitters, and children's friends.

13. I stop mail service when away from home.

14. I use a locked mailbox for incoming and outgoing mail.

15. I never give out personal information such as social security numbers or bank account numbers over the phone.

16. When asked for personal information, I question why the information is needed.

17. I shred or burn all personal information identity thieves could use to steal my identity.

18. I check my monthly credit card statements to check for accuracy.

19. I check my monthly bank statements for accuracy.

20. I check my credit report yearly with the three major credit-reporting agencies.

Did you pass? You did if you were able to say 'yes' to all twenty of these questions. The questions you answered 'no' to are your weak spots. Repair these weak spots and prevent identity theft. For more information on protecting yourself, check out a program like LifeLock. Preventing identity theft doesn't have to be difficult. Pass this test, and you are better able to prevent identity theft.

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