Friday, July 16, 2010

Ipsos Reid survey reveals 97% of Canadians aware of identity theft

A majority believe it will happen to them at some point; few are taking proactive measures

July 14, 2010 - Protection Power

According to a new Ipsos Reid survey, almost all Canadians (97%) have heard of identity theft and 60% believe it will happen to them at some point in their lifetimes. Some 56% say they are very or extremely concerned regarding the risk of identity theft, especially in retail stores and online, but fewer (25%) recognize the risks at home and in institutional settings such as the workplace, school and the government – all of which hold large amounts of personal information.

In addition, the survey reveals that most Canadians do little to protect themselves from identity theft.

“While 72% of Canadians say they have taken steps to protect themselves, the variety of means cited as to how they are actually doing it is limited,” said Mark Wilkins, Vice-President, Ipsos Reid. “The destruction or shredding of hard copy documents is the step most often mentioned, which leaves many identity theft risks unaddressed like computer hacking, unsafe social networking or organizations losing confidential data.”

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