Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The RCMP in Ontario has launched a Facebook Page!

LONDON, Ontario, September 21, 2010 /Canada NewsWire/ - On Monday, September 20, 2010, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ontario, also referred to as "O" Division, launched the official "Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ontario" Facebook page.

Using Facebook will allow us ("O" Division RCMP) to expand our profile, make connections with more people and audiences and promote the work that we do in this province.

To find our page, visit the RCMP "O" Division website at www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/on/index-eng.htm and follow the link to facebook . Or, visit www.facebook.com and search for "Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ontario" (not "RCMP").

Materials on the websites are produced for the purpose of providing Canadians with direct access to information about the programs and services offered by the RCMP and the Government of Canada.

The RCMP welcomes feedback from visitors and respects everyone's fundamental right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression as provided for in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Before posting anything to our Wall, please review our guidelines below and keep in mind that all unacceptable/illegal comments will be removed and reported.


...civil and constructive comments, suggestions, information


...racism, hatred, slander, threats, obscenity, violence, vulgarity
...personal information about another person
...copyrighted material that belongs to another person
...links to inappropriate websites

If you want to report a crime, please contact your local RCMP detachment or the police service of jurisdiction in your area. The RCMP does not accept reports of crime via email. For emergencies, please call 911.

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