Saturday, November 13, 2010

OPP Introduces New Program to Help Parents Keep Children Safe Online

ORILLIA, Ontario, November 9, 2010 /Canada NewsWire/ - With Crime Prevention Week underway (Nov. 7 - 13, 2010), the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has introduced an effective new Cyber Safety program designed to help parents keep their children safe while they are using the Internet.

The OPP Crime Prevention Section developed the program in partnership with Cowan Insurance Group and the OPP Youth Foundation to raise awareness and educate parents about how to ensure that children are having safe online experiences.

While the Internet provides learning opportunities for youth, it also opens the door to the potential exploitation of children, including cyber bullying and other online threats. The program was designed to address these threats and provides all the information parents need, in order to recognize what risks exist as their children learn and play in the online world. It also provides them the tools to be aware of what sites their children are accessing and how to monitor their Internet use.

"The program focuses on parents and prevention, and while officers are active in schools educating our kids about safe Internet use, it's important that parents also be engaged and educated about Internet safety, as they are instrumental in keeping their kids safe while online", said OPP Inspector Mark Allan of the Crime Prevention Section.

The Cyber Safety program consists of a training kit and resource package that will be provided to OPP Community Services Officers and School Resource Officers who will deliver presentations and make this material available to parents in communities throughout the province.

Cyber Safety Program

...The Cyber Safety program was created by the OPP in partnership with the Cowan Foundation, the Ontario Provincial Police Youth Foundation and the Ontario Provincial Police.

...The Cyber Safety Program provides education and awareness designed to provide parents with essential tools to recognize the risks associated to the Internet and to encourage a safer cyber experience for their children while they are online.

...The launch of the Cyber Safety Program coincides with the 2010 Crime Prevention Week theme "Connecting to kids today - preventing crime tomorrow".

...The program consists of a training and resource package which includes a CD, videos, handouts and instructional material.

...The program is the latest example of the various programs created by the OPP and its community partners to promote crime prevention through school-based and community-based activities.

Internet Safety Checklist for Parents

...Parents should discuss the potential dangers of the Internet with their children and educate them on how to handle situations that may arise. Here are some basic steps parents can take to protect their children:

...Be involved and know your child's online activity

...Keep the computer in an open area of the home

...Remind children to protect their passwords; encourage them not to share passwords with friends

...Use caution with web cams, unplug web cams when they're not in use

...Be sure of who they're talking to before allowing them to turn on a web cam and enter your home

...Make sure children are cautious with what they post online

...Know their online friends the same way they know friends in real life

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