Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Ways to Spot a Charity Scam

from Criminal Justice USA May 18, 2011

Donating to a charity is one of the most generous gifts a person can give, but it’s important to make sure that your good intentions are not wasted on one of the many charity scams circulating the country. Here are 10 ways to spot a charity scam:

1. Refuses to Provide Important Documentation: If a charity refuses to provide tangible documentation of its identity, mission, costs and how the donation will be used, you’re most likely dealing with a charity scam. All charities should have a name, contact person, phone number and address in which they can be reached.

2. Doesn’t Provide Proof of Tax-Deductible Contribution: Charities that cannot provide the paperwork needed to claim a contribution is tax deductible, may reveal themselves as a charity scam. In order to claim a tax deduction for your monetary donation, you need to have written confirmation from the charity that includes: the charity’s name, date of contribution and donation amount. Just like you need a receipt to return an item, you need these documents to get a tax more story at Criminal Justice USA

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