Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keep your identity safe this summer vacation

Use these 5 tips from and protect yourself from identity theft while travelling

BURLINGTON, Ontario, June 22, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - Finally, summer vacation is just around the corner! Before you kick back and relax fully, take a few minutes to ensure you are properly protecting your most important documents., Canada's leading identity theft protection service, has a few hints to help you along the way.

"Travellers are obvious targets for identity thieves and other criminals," says identity theft expert Sylvain Patry, senior vice-president of "When you're on holiday, you're relaxed, you're in an unfamiliar place - and you're vulnerable. Don't let a pickpocket or a lost wallet ruin a great summer vacation."

Follow these 5 tips from and stay safe:

...Travel light! Only bring identification and cards with you that you need. If you're travelling within Canada, you can leave your passport safely at home. If you're heading abroad, you likely don't need all of your store cards.

...Make copies. Before you depart, scan, photocopy or photograph the identification you will be travelling with. Write down your passport, credit card and other important numbers. Leave these copies in a secure place in your home. Make sure someone you trust knows how to access them - just in case.

...Never carry all your identification in one place. For example, do not keep your passport and your driver's licence in the same wallet or purse. Losing (or being robbed of) one piece of identification is inconvenient; losing all of it could make it difficult for you to prove you are who you say you are.

...Use the small lockers or safes that are in many hotel rooms. These can allow you to secure, and separate, your identification. When you're heading out for a day tour in a new city, you might choose to keep your driver's licence with you - and leave your health card and your passport in the hotel.

...Keep in touch. Regularly update a trusted family member or friend back home on your whereabouts. Try to do this every day or so via email, chat, phone, Skype or a private Facebook message (do not do this publicly on Facebook or other social media!). If something happens to you, it's good to know someone will notice, quickly.

Watch for Identity Theft Expert Sylvain Patry on your local media station! Patry comments on the very real issues brought forward in UNKNOWN (released June 21 on Blu-Ray and DVD by Warner Home Entertainment Group). The hit film stars Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris, a man fighting desperately to reclaim his identity in a foreign city.

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Protection Power is a leading Canadian provider of advanced identity protection services and educational resources. Founded by a team of security experts with a background in credit/financial services and technology, Protection Power provides features and experience to help you stay in control of your financial life.

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